Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas Market

This weekend I had a little stall at the Dundee Contemporary Arts Christmas Market. This was my first opportunity to sell directly to the public, as previously my sales have been based through my online shop. It was really good to get feedback on the scarves – to hear what people thought about the colours, patterns, and shapes of each of the garments.

I used the Christmas Market as an opportunity to see what reaction my new patterns would get. I hadn’t yet put them online, as I thought the DCA would provide the right clientele to give constructive feedback so if necessary I could make adjustments to the designs before making lots for online sales.

Here are the new patterns I tried:

Mountain Scarf

I have always had a love for all things hilly, the hillier the better. There is something close to spiritual about sitting up high, out of the reach of the buzz of the towns and cities – and just having time to reflect. There are few places I can think of that give this same sense of calm. Except, perhaps, beside the sea.

I recently moved to the heart of Scotland, and from the window where I sit and knit, I can see the Ochil Hills. With a view of a rolling landscape of snow topped hills, it seemed only right that I used this as inspiration for a scarf pattern (especially as it is pretty chilly up there).

The Pattern contains a snow topped mountain range. The lines are subtle and tasteful so that the mountains become an almost abstract pattern. I made this in two colours: Aran White & Grey and the same in reverse.

Sausage Dog-Tooth Snood

The second of my designs was thought up a little while ago, but I hadn’t had chance to get going with making it.

The design is based around the traditional Houndstooth/Dogstooth check; the pattern is a contemporary adaption of this, using instead sausage dog shapes in place of the black tooth.

This pattern works surprisingly well, as it can either be worn with a coat to keep you warm, or folded in half and worn with a plain T-shirt or long sleeve top to make an outfit a little more interesting.

Flying Duck

The flying duck pattern was based on the small ornaments that were popular in the 70’s that have now become a retro chic style item.

As with sausage dogs, there is something a little comical about ducks. There is something characteristically ungraceful about them, which is what makes me fond of the clumsy looking creatures.

This pattern sold really well at the market, so as such I haven’t been able to get them online yet. But I am working to get some stock up and online soon.

The yarns used for the scarf were based on the colours of the Mallard, Green and white. With a single band of flying ducks appearing on the scarf.

Here is a little sample of the knit

All these designs can be found on my online shop : Stitch-Mi-Lane

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Commuter Cowl

I have recently been working on a new scarf to add to the Stitch-Mi-Lane range. The new garment is a Fleece Lined Commuter Cowl.

These scarves have been designed with the bicycle commuter market in mind.
A recent British Cycling on-line poll looking into how members would classify their use of bikes showed that 25% considered themselves to be a Commuter or 'city slicker'. This category was only marginally (8 votes) behind the most popular choice of cycling which is the 'sportive guru'. 

The increase in bicycle use as a means of transport has been estimated at 110% since 2000. Transport for London are 
targeting a 400 per cent increase in cycling by 2026. They are calling the campaign 'The Cycling Revolution' and wish to transform London into a world-leading 'cyclised city'. 

These sort of statistics show that there is an increased demand from the market. People are interested in cycling, and not necessarily in the lycra clad, toe clipped, freezing your backside off at a Sunday morning time trial type of cycling- Though there are still plenty of those. Increasingly people are engaged by the beautiful classical notion of cycling, the almost romanticised version. This creates a market for people who want to ride their bikes whilst remaining suitably stylish. Lets face it, unless you are a protour rider it is very difficult to arrive at work in skin tight, padded clothing, whilst keeping social face. 

With these elements in mind I have looked to design a range of bicycle scarves that are practical yet stylish for the discerning commuter. 
As part of the Stitch-Mi-Lane range I have put together a Fleece Lined Commuter Cowl.  

The knit of the garment is made from high-quality merino wool ensuring the scarves are beautiful, warm and hard wearing. The fleece lining gives soft, comfortable, and quick drying elements. The scarf also features a very subtle reflective piping which is effective when bright light is shone.
This is a looped scarf - so there are no lose ends to fly away in the wind or get caught in the spokes. The cowl is designed so that it can be pulled over the face when riding or tucked under the chin for warmth. So whether on the bike or off, the scarf remains a fashionable item. 

These scarves will soon be on sale on my on-line shop

Additionally you can soon pick one up from 

I will be updating soon with new product developments. In the meantime you can follow on Twitter and Facebook

Friday, 26 October 2012

Sheep Thrills

A brief news update on Stitch-Mi-lane

The on-line shop launched little over two weeks ago and the initial response was brilliant. I have had good feedback on the products - and lots of orders too!

If you have bought a scarf I would love to see a photo of you wearing it.
Tweet me @Stitch_Mi_Lane  #BikeTwistSnood.
Or add it to the Facebook page

If you are around Dundee and looking for a unique gift during the festive season - I have had a pop up shop confirmed at the DCA Christmas Market - taking place on the 1st December. Come along, see the stalls, meet the makers, and invest in some British design. 

I am looking to stock my products in small stores and have been in contact with a few different avenues. All good feedback so far and I will look forward to posting where else you can buy from soon...

"Sheep Thrills!" Last week was national wool week, I used the opportunity to work on some new product ideas and patterns. After the initial success of the Bike Twist Snood I am looking to expand the range. The designs are in development phase at the moment however I will be launching them onto the on-line shop soon. 
- keep your eyes peeled. 

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

On-line shop

I opened an online shop yesterday evening to sell my Twist Snood's from - the initially response was overwhelming and I will be making plenty more to get my stock back up. If you want to take a look the website is

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Bike Pattern Snood

In further development of the Bike Pattern Snood, I have found some lovely gift packaging for the scarves.

The scarves are handmade by myself from start (balls of wool) to finish (scarf in a box), out of high quality merino wool, and measure approx 85cm in circumference (8 bikes long, 3 bike lengths wide).

The Bike Twist Snood should be going on-line next week on a web shop, under the name Stitch-Mi-Lane, so called as it is the lane I live off. The Snood will be selling at a special introductory price.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Bike Pattern Snood

In a slight gear change from portrait painting- I have started on a new project, knitting. Using a Knittmaster knitting machine I bought a couple of years ago. The machine was bought with the intention of mastering some form of interesting woolens, but alas studying for my degree 'got in the way' and all I managed to use it for was to make some knitted sausages as part of an butcher shop installation project. However now graduated, I find myself with lots of time and an obligation to stay creative. So my Bike Pattern Snood project was born. Working from the hallway in my parents home I have been testing different patterns, colours, materials and sizes. After a number of weeks practising I think I have got the formula right, so I have taken the plunge and invested in some lovely Merino wool and will be starting production of some final product snuds - with the view to selling them online once I have a small stock ready.

As a self confessed perfectionist, I am making sure I am 100% happy with the look, feel, and fit of the Snuds before putting them up for sale. Below are some of the photos of the developments so far...

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