Saturday, 24 October 2009

A poem I wrote about tea

I do like a good cuppa, hot bevy a brew
I usually have one sugar, but sometimes a sneaky two.
I nice biscuit is good to dunk in there as well
Held for three seconds gives it a suitable swell.
There is lots of confectionary you can pick for the job
It’s been highly argued you can’t beat a hobnob.
But a lovely soggy digestive is awfully tasty
It has a tan where you dunk it and the rest stays funny and pasty.
A chocolate bourbon is often a good bet
With its name written on top incase you forget.
Though I have to say a Curly Wurly is dipper of choice
I think it would sound like Barry white if it had its own voice.
I like to try and save Curly Wurly as a special treat
One to enjoy after a days hard work when I’m resting my feet.
I like to dip it in the tea then watch it droop
It looks like a funny old man with a caramel stoop.
They seam to last for ages and I’m sure there still 15p
Its just the perfect partner for the humble little tea.

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