Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Darkroom Photography

testing sheet

contact strip
One morning this week I went into the dark red mysterious photography corridor to develop a black and white film and process some of my photos. This was my first attempt at this so my results are a little mixed, but I enjoyed the process. I only managed to get a few photos developed as I spent a bit of time doing test strips (which you can see) and faffing with the equipment which took some time. But hopefully I’ll get chance to process some more soon.


  1. Is that you Mum? That one is my fave pic here.


  2. Sorry 'Your' Mum. Ooops. Haha

  3. Hah Yeah, its my dear motherbear in her bobble hat. Im yet to develop some more photo's exciting stuff :)

  4. These are nice! I like the one of your parents on the far right and Mike is looking rather dapper in the bottom row.


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