Thursday, 11 March 2010

Flotsam and Jetsam Assemblages

For the past two weeks I’ve been working on my flotsam and jetsam project, making little assemblages using materials I found on the beach. The idea was that each piece matched a photograph that I took and shows a unique composition between natural and man made materials that are swept onto the shore.

When researching for this project (by taking long walks on the beach) I found it interesting how materials of a similar size and shape ended up next to each other, or intertwined. For example rubber gloves often ended up with seaweed (which looks a bit like a hand of many fingers) and equally so with plastic bags. Small pieces of glass polished by the sea ended up with pebbles, and fishing wire was found mingled with weeds.
I also thought it was interesting how man made objects such as gloves, bottles, tires etc were made to look like natural objects through the process of being cast into the sea. All sharp edges were filed by the sand to make them smooth, clean materials were frosted by the sea salt, and barnacles and limpets grew on any surface they could find. I think if I saw most of these objects on the street I would view them as rubbish, but with on the beach they prove objects of intrigue.

I chose to display the assemblages in boxes however on small stands within these boxes so that they appear to float, tying in with the means in which they were found (washed up).


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