Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Golden Fingers

I have been away from my flat for a few weeks as I went to stay with my parents over Easter. I thought it would be slightly over the top to take my three Golden Syrup pots of sunflowers with me, so instead I excessively watered them and hoped for the best. When I returned back on Sunday night shortly after checking in the wardrobe and under the bed incase there were any murderers lurking in our absence I headed to the window sill. My heart sunk slightly as all my sunflowers bar one were drooped over the edges of the pots, looking like they had completely lost the lust for life. So I filled them back up with water, but thinking that this might be the end for them. I looked at them the next day somwhat apprehensively and they were straight upright again, yes! They live on.

(The cut off bit of toilet roll tube you can see was my slightly amateur way of trying to keep them upright. )

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