Monday, 3 May 2010


This weekend I went to see two lovely little lambs called Minty and Patches, I got to hand feed them which was great, and also got a bit of a cuddle. I’ve never touched a lamb before as they have always been far away in a field somewhere- but they are truly adorable they feel just like a nice warm jumper.
The lambs are both sadly being reared for the purpose of Christmas dinner. Minty being named as such as she will be surved with mint sauce.
The thought of the pair being put on a plate to eat for supper is beyond me therefore I plan to launch Operation Jumper; the plan will involve the capture and kidnap of the two little bleaters and for their safe release into the wild of my flat, where I will keep them like any other domestic pet, feed them wensleydale cheese and crackers and take them for walks. Finer details of Operation Jumper are yet to be finalised.

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