Monday, 14 June 2010

Golden Fingers

My sunflowers were starting to get way too big for their boots, or well their pots. You could see the tins were cram packed with roots so I had to repot. This was not something I wanted to do and the aftermath proved my point.
I put fresh compost into three big terracotta pots in the garden, then carefully carried the sunflowers outside, removed the base of the tin with a can opener and pushed each plant delicately out into their new home. I then tied each plant to a bamboo stick for stability with embroidery thread. I placed the pots at the front of the house next to the wall hoping this would shelter them from the wind.
I came back to check on them a matter of hours later and my biggest plan had snapped in too, I was gutted.
I have since wrapped masking tape around the plant in the vein hope that I may somehow magically fix itself. I hope so.
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