Monday, 16 August 2010

I like to watch the Paragliders

Like dandelion seeds they disperse from the mountain top
Dangling from their multicoloured canopy through the atmosphere they will drop.
Catching the thermals and swooping through the sky,
They silently, gracefully ebb, bob and fly.
I always thought as a child that a caught dandelion seed would grant a wish
I remember what I dreamed off then as I watch the gliders swish.
My dreams have changed a little since being a little girl,
But I still catch the seeds make my wish and let my hand unfurl.
No longer do I think of being invincible, my pet talking, or shooting into space, instead I close my eyes think of those I love and imagine their face.
I like to watch the paragliders on their journey though the hills,
A moment of contemplation looking up into the heavens and standing very still.
I look back down to where I am stood and think about the wishes I blew,
I will continue to chase my seeds with the hope that they come true.

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