Monday, 27 September 2010

What do you notice.

Each year my studio/desk space becomes cram packed with photos, postcards, magazine cut-outs, and anything else of interest that can be pinned up. I think it is important to have these, not necessarily to inspire or influence my work. Just purely as a means of distraction for myself- they often remind me who I am or where I have been.

At the end of last semester there was not an inch of cork board in sight. I cleared it all away and have started afresh, however some items remain.

Postcard of ‘Nicola with Octopus’ a painting by Joel Ely. This postcard has been on my notice board for many years. I saw the painting at the BP portrait award in 2005 and it utterly inspired me. It is a beautiful piece of work. And it reminds me there is some sense in the art world when you push aside the contemporary pursuit for naive imagery that saturates so much of what I see on a day to day basis.

A stone picked up from 3226m altitude, after a long walk in the French Alps rewarded by stunning views of mountain tops. I think this rock reminds me there is far more of the world than the part I live in. a small sense of perspective I suppose.

Various cycling memorabilia; a photograph, a letter, a cap and a small metal cyclist. There is a line in a film which states “love is like the tour de France” I adore this motto, all my life two wheels have never been far away. The line for me sums up so much of life beautifully simply. You have to work hard to seek reward, and you must grab an opportunity when it is there as it can pass in an instant.

There is also various 60’s imagery, notably the iconic model Jean Shrimpton. I love the styling and music of the 60’s. The liberation of women, the unbeatable motown and soul music, and the demure styling make the era somewhat idealised to me.

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  1. i love this eloquent analysis of such simple objects that say so much about you and how you feel about popular beliefs in your choice of study.


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