Thursday, 14 October 2010

Double Life


After spending three months in France at the foot of the Alps with daily tasks including cleaning cooking meals and walking the dog, being back in Scotland attending lectures and working in the studio prove quite the contrast. Its still taking some getting used to.

Work in Progress- Boucherie

I seam to be spending most of my days sat in this one chair.

I still have lots more to add and improve however here are a few more progress shots.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Updated banner

As I have changed course from Illustration to Fine Art I figured I ought to update my blog banner using a drawing from last year.

Trying Tiles

As mentioned in a previous post I have tried to run before I can walk in terms of my current painting. I rushed into it getting carried away with the characters in the piece instead of first tackling the background. So conversely this week I have been trying to work on the setting of the characters which is heavily laden with intricate tiles.

I have tried to make a stencil for this process, first out of card and then later with acetate. I hope to develop this onto canvas during this week.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Work in Progress- Boucherie

The beginning of a new project based on a French butchers shop, the first image shows the planning drawn in pencil and later the development onto canvas.
I have made a number of mistakes however I have noted them for future work. I may have rushed into this painting as I was eager to get a paintbrush back in my hand, and in doing so not fully thinking out the order in which to paint the figures, object and background.

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