Monday, 25 April 2011


My project this year is titled ‘Boucherie’ and is based on a collection of photographs taken in France of a butchers shop. I spent three months of the summer living in a small village at the foot of the Alps working in a Chalet. For a section of my stay I lived with the local butchers family, which was a interesting experience. The family themselves, the Clarets, owned most of the land in the area which they used to farm cattle. They were also responsible for the butcher and sale of the meat in their butchers shop based in the centre of the village. It was a family run business and all members of the family lived in the same house on the farm. The aesthetic of the family, their home, and the butchers shop was what I found to be so interesting.

The set up was almost theatrical with: The women were skeletal thin with wispy hair, the men broad and stocky, their home furnished in every hue of brown, and the butchers shop laden with stuffed animals and hanging meat. The handles of the knives had worn the shape of the butcher’s hand, and the chopping boards indented from use. During the opening hours a scruffy dog from the village would sit outside the doors waiting for a scrap of meat or bone to the thrown away.

When you entered the shop the bell would ring above the door and out from the back room would rush a member of the family, often wearing a blood stained overall or brandishing a knife. In total contrast to their menacing attire would chip “Bonjour Madame!”

Using a collection of photographs I took as well as the experience I had of living with this family I wanted to produce a body of work that would capture the butchers’ character.

The portraits are hung by meat hooks alongside knitted Sausages, a meat cut screen print, and a faux deer mount on a backdrop of hand printed wallpaper.

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  1. Your paintings are so lovely :) love your style
    i run a blog called Girl holding a paintbrush and i accept work submissions for posts. If you are interested check it out on my blog and send me a email :)

    Murphy xo


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