Monday, 11 April 2011

Tweed Run 2011

Some photos taken at The Tweed Run 2011, unfortunately my standard camera lens broke during the run its self so I only have reasonable photos from the end party taken with a different lens. To see the rest of these they are viewable on my Facebook Album


  1. Hello!

    Fabulous photos of what was an absolutely fantastic day... Pip Pip! :)

    Lady Vélo x

  2. These are beautiful! Can I be nosey and ask what your camera is?

    PS I've just seen your knitted sausages, and I think I love you.

  3. My camera is just an entry level DSLR a Nikon D60, I think they have stopped selling them now and the current model is Nikon D3100 (I think).

    And thank you about the sausages, Ive had lots on compliments on them- maybe I should do some pork chops next.

  4. Looks as if you went back in time :')! Beautiful :)!

  5. What a cool event! And I have the same camera!!


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