Friday, 13 May 2011

Love is like the Tour De France

To conclude a third year and to look onwards to the future I feel it can be summarised much the way that it started. That is with the statement

“Love is like the Tour de France”

Life seams to play itself out on much the same lines as the bike race.

There are the hero’s & the cheats:

(Eddy Merckx- 5 times Winner-regularly dubbed’ greatest and most successful cyclist of all time’ racing against the much less known Jacques Anquetil- 5 times winner - pragmatic drug-taker. Criticised for the practice he would respond respond: "What? You think I win my races on sugar alone?")

The climb to the top is hard, but any mistake you make on fast decent back down can cost you everything.

(Tommy Simpson the most successful English cyclist of the post-war years. Who died of exhaustion on the slopes of Mont Ventoux during the 13th stage of the Tour De France in 1967)

Although there can always be small victories on the way, sometimes in moments of heart felt passion you act regrettably

(Mark Cavendish gives his critics a two-fingered salute as he crosses the line for a stage win on the Tour de Romandie 2010)

The elements you rely on the most in your race can sometimes let you down leaving you feeling defeated.

(David Millar's chance of winning the fifth stage of the Giro d'Italia was dashed when his chain snapped as he was poised to attack his four breakaway companions with little more than a kilometre to go. YouTube to see him throwing his bike and instead finishing 119th)

You can not win a race on your own, it takes a team of people to get you there, and when you do although the victory is yours it is them you turn to thank.

There are supporters who will cheer you on no matter where you are in the race

You must remember to look up occasionally and take pride in how far you have climbed

Sometimes you are ahead and sometimes you are behind but the thing to remember is that the race is long but ultimately it is only against yourself.

The race is only over when you cross the line

“Put me back on my bike” Tommy Simpsons dying words.

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