Monday, 12 September 2011


This year for my final studio practice I would like to explore the relationship between siblings illustrated through combined portraits.

Initially I would like to take photographs for the purposes of source material. Ideally taken within the photo studios at Duncan of Jordanstone to get optimal quality images.

These will then be taken into paint on canvas or board.

The preliminary idea is that the positioning of the figures will be telling of their relationship with each other. I would if possible like to use twins for the subject of this work. Identical or otherwise.

If you are, or know, twins who would be willing to sit for a number of photographs. Please could you get in touch with me via Or if you are at DoJ you can find me in studio 605.

With the return being that their image would be lovingly rendered in paint for my degree show piece.

It would be favourable if the subjects were within a reasonable distance to Dundee in order that they could attend a studio shoot for photographs. But I can be flexable with days and times of the photographs. The studio is open evenings and Saturdays as well as the working week.
I have no preference to age but ideally over the age of being able to converse in order to ascertain some information about their relationship with each other.



  1. Helloo :) My boyfriend's sisters are twins, almost identical and I know they would be great for this but unfortunately they both live in Edinburgh and have full time jobs so wouldn't really be much help :( However they might be willing to supply images or do interviews if that was any help at all xxx

  2. Thanks very much Sarah. That will be good to keep in mind if I run short of people that can get to Dundee. :)


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