Thursday, 15 November 2012

Commuter Cowl

I have recently been working on a new scarf to add to the Stitch-Mi-Lane range. The new garment is a Fleece Lined Commuter Cowl.

These scarves have been designed with the bicycle commuter market in mind.
A recent British Cycling on-line poll looking into how members would classify their use of bikes showed that 25% considered themselves to be a Commuter or 'city slicker'. This category was only marginally (8 votes) behind the most popular choice of cycling which is the 'sportive guru'. 

The increase in bicycle use as a means of transport has been estimated at 110% since 2000. Transport for London are 
targeting a 400 per cent increase in cycling by 2026. They are calling the campaign 'The Cycling Revolution' and wish to transform London into a world-leading 'cyclised city'. 

These sort of statistics show that there is an increased demand from the market. People are interested in cycling, and not necessarily in the lycra clad, toe clipped, freezing your backside off at a Sunday morning time trial type of cycling- Though there are still plenty of those. Increasingly people are engaged by the beautiful classical notion of cycling, the almost romanticised version. This creates a market for people who want to ride their bikes whilst remaining suitably stylish. Lets face it, unless you are a protour rider it is very difficult to arrive at work in skin tight, padded clothing, whilst keeping social face. 

With these elements in mind I have looked to design a range of bicycle scarves that are practical yet stylish for the discerning commuter. 
As part of the Stitch-Mi-Lane range I have put together a Fleece Lined Commuter Cowl.  

The knit of the garment is made from high-quality merino wool ensuring the scarves are beautiful, warm and hard wearing. The fleece lining gives soft, comfortable, and quick drying elements. The scarf also features a very subtle reflective piping which is effective when bright light is shone.
This is a looped scarf - so there are no lose ends to fly away in the wind or get caught in the spokes. The cowl is designed so that it can be pulled over the face when riding or tucked under the chin for warmth. So whether on the bike or off, the scarf remains a fashionable item. 

These scarves will soon be on sale on my on-line shop

Additionally you can soon pick one up from 

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