Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas Market

This weekend I had a little stall at the Dundee Contemporary Arts Christmas Market. This was my first opportunity to sell directly to the public, as previously my sales have been based through my online shop. It was really good to get feedback on the scarves – to hear what people thought about the colours, patterns, and shapes of each of the garments.

I used the Christmas Market as an opportunity to see what reaction my new patterns would get. I hadn’t yet put them online, as I thought the DCA would provide the right clientele to give constructive feedback so if necessary I could make adjustments to the designs before making lots for online sales.

Here are the new patterns I tried:

Mountain Scarf

I have always had a love for all things hilly, the hillier the better. There is something close to spiritual about sitting up high, out of the reach of the buzz of the towns and cities – and just having time to reflect. There are few places I can think of that give this same sense of calm. Except, perhaps, beside the sea.

I recently moved to the heart of Scotland, and from the window where I sit and knit, I can see the Ochil Hills. With a view of a rolling landscape of snow topped hills, it seemed only right that I used this as inspiration for a scarf pattern (especially as it is pretty chilly up there).

The Pattern contains a snow topped mountain range. The lines are subtle and tasteful so that the mountains become an almost abstract pattern. I made this in two colours: Aran White & Grey and the same in reverse.

Sausage Dog-Tooth Snood

The second of my designs was thought up a little while ago, but I hadn’t had chance to get going with making it.

The design is based around the traditional Houndstooth/Dogstooth check; the pattern is a contemporary adaption of this, using instead sausage dog shapes in place of the black tooth.

This pattern works surprisingly well, as it can either be worn with a coat to keep you warm, or folded in half and worn with a plain T-shirt or long sleeve top to make an outfit a little more interesting.

Flying Duck

The flying duck pattern was based on the small ornaments that were popular in the 70’s that have now become a retro chic style item.

As with sausage dogs, there is something a little comical about ducks. There is something characteristically ungraceful about them, which is what makes me fond of the clumsy looking creatures.

This pattern sold really well at the market, so as such I haven’t been able to get them online yet. But I am working to get some stock up and online soon.

The yarns used for the scarf were based on the colours of the Mallard, Green and white. With a single band of flying ducks appearing on the scarf.

Here is a little sample of the knit

All these designs can be found on my online shop : Stitch-Mi-Lane

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